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Newnham Primary School

Newnham Primary School values each child as an individual. We are committed to promoting the highest possible levels of achievement for all learners.



Our school uniform is important to us.

It is one way which we identify ourselves as a school community.

Children come to school to learn and smartness and high standards of appearance are expected at all times.

Children wear:

  • a white cotton shirt
  • a school tie and school blazer
  • trousers/skirts/pinafore dresses should be dark grey or black (no jeans).
  • gingham dresses in school colours and black/grey shorts can be worn in the Summer term.
  • appropriate, sensible, flat, black school shoes; in Summer, children can wear sensible, practical, royal/navy blue, black or grey sandals. ‘Fashion’ shoes and boots should not be worn.
  • socks or tights in white, black or grey.
  • a coat to school each day (apart from during hotter weather).
  • clothes which are appropriate for the weather. Children will play outside unless it is raining and will sometimes undertake supervised learning activities in the playground or around the village. For example, wellington boots are needed in snowy weather
  • plain bands in school colours for long hair which must be tied back neatly. This is not only for reasons of smartness, appearance and health and safety: children’s faces should not be obscured as the teacher may not be able to judge their engagement with learning and to secure their participation in discussions and practical activities.

Parents should label all items of clothing clearly with their child’s name. We have a substantial lost property box!



For health and safety reasons, no jewellery is permitted in school (with the exception of wrist watches which will be taken off for PE). Make up, nail varnish or hair gel are not permitted.

These things are not necessary in children’s primary years and we strongly advise that your child has no piercings during their primary education. For children whose parents have allowed piercings, only plain stud earrings are permitted and these must be removed by the child themselves for PE. If a child is unable to do this, then parents must remove studs before the school day, otherwise, for health and safety reasons the child will miss PE. Where non-compliant jewellery is worn, children will be asked to remove it at the beginning of the school day. A message will be sent so that parents are aware.

PE Kit

For health and safety reasons, it is essential that children are dressed appropriately for any physical activity.

PE kit is part of our school uniform and all children should have the full required indoor and outdoor PE kit.

Appropriate footwear is essential: plimsolls or similar black canvas gym shoes are worn for PE inside, and trainers are worn outside.

For swimming:

  • Swimming costume (one piece) or trunks (loose or baggy ‘beach’ shorts are not to be worn), towel and suitable bag. Goggles and swimming hats may be worn during lessons.
  • If children breach the uniform/appearance policy or do not have their full PE kit, a message will be sent home. If children repeatedly come to school dressed inappropriately or do not have PE kit in school, a meeting will be arranged with parents.

newnham uniform policy.pdf