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Newnham Primary School

Newnham Primary School values each child as an individual. We are committed to promoting the highest possible levels of achievement for all learners.


At Newnham, we want our students to grow far beyond simply the educational side of school.

We aim to develop students in a holistic approach; to ensure that they develop skills that cannot be taught in the curriculum, such as motivation, determination and resilience.

We offer our students a wide range of activities which lend themselves to this end.

In KS2, students from both classes attend a bi-annual residential. Locations of these range from within Northamptonshire, up to the Lake District. These essential opportunities help develop the students in a truly memorable way.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities to develop each student’s talent. Our musicians have the opportunity to develop through both brass and violin tuition. In addition to this we also develop some of the essential life skills such as cycle proficiency and swimming.

If sports are more your thing we have links with Northampton Town Football Club and their coaches often come by to lead sessions with our pupils and we run an afterschool club that rotates through Netball, Hockey, Athletics amongst others.

Whatever your hobbies and interests, there is an opportunity for you to grow and enjoy, supported by a dedicated staff.

School Council

Our School Council is a really important part of our school.

In our School Council we have a wide range of jobs including House Captains and House Deputies. These jobs are only on offer to year 5&6. The school council do a lot for our school.

House Captains are some of the most hard-working people. They have a busy job: keeping track of house points, keeping certificates in an orderly fashion and leading House meetings. Children are awarded house points for their achievements, positive attitudes both to work and respectful nature around the school. They get certificates when they reach particular milestones in house points and the House Captains give these out in our Celebration Assemblies.


Our School Council

Head Pupil: Beaux
Head Pupil: Eva

Chestnut Captain: Kirsten                          Chestnut Vice Captain: Ethan
Birch Captain: Emma                                  Birch Vice Captain: Lewis
Oak Captain: Archie                                    Oak Vice Captain: Amelie
Sycamore Captain: Jayden G                     Sycamore Vice Captain: Lily C