Newnham pupils have far to grow

This week members of the gardening club from Newnham Primary School went to collect a ‘Seed & Grow Kit’ from their local Waitrose store.

‘Seed and Grow’ is a scheme that aims to get children eating and growing healthier food types.

The children will be using the kit to grow their own produce in the school allotment, kindly cultivated by parent, Mrs Brentall.

The finished produce will go back to the Waitrose store for sale.Claire Hammond, Partner Co-ordination Assistant for the scheme, commented: “It was a pleasure to meet and handover the "Seed & Grow Kit" to the lovely Children that came to the Store today.”

The children will begin planting the seeds after the Easter break.

Also this week...

Our KS1 young swimmers received their 'Water Confidence' certificates.


Thanks to FONS who have run an extremely successful craft club for our children to enjoy. They have made some fantastic items and the participation in  this new club has been very worthwhile.