Newnham pupils brush up on their art

Pupils at Newnham Primary School have been getting extra creative with their entries for the David Ross Education Trust's (DRET) art competition.

Each academy is allowed up to three entrants and the theme for the competition is nature. The children at Newnham have been studying ducks in art, so all their entries are duck-inspired.

The three entries came from 7 year-old Connie, 9 year-old Lily, and 11 year-old Lila. All of the entrants showed great detail in their work and had good reasoning behind their inspiration.

Connie, submitted Duck Bay and ‘drew three ducks swimming on a pond in the moonlight’ whereas Lily, submitted Family Duck Pond which shows ‘a happy family of ducks doing what they do best - paddling in the pond looking for tasty food.’ Lila, submitted A Day with the Ducks and this was inspired by the time she saw a family of ducks on holiday.

Dan Sutton, Executive Headteacher at Newnham Primary School, said: “It was hard to pick the three entrants to put forward because we had many fantastic entries and all of the pupils were so creative. 

“We can’t wait to find out the results and wish everyone the best of luck.”