MP for Daventry visits pupils at Newnham Primary School

Pupils and staff at Daventry's Newnham Primary School, part of the David Ross Education Trust, welcomed their local MP, Mr Chris Heaton-Harris, to school today.

During the visit, Mr Heaton-Harris delivered an inspirational assembly for pupils and parents, worked with the children in their classes and devoted some extra time to speaking to the young leaders of the school.

The assembly, which was described by the children as ‘fun, wonderful and full of facts’. outlined the role of parliament. Then the highlight for everyone, including the parents, was when Mr Heaton-Harris recreated the hub-bub of the House of Commons in the hall. All the features were in place: a government, an opposition and a speaker who took total control of them all. 

Lily, one of the pupils who took part in the session, said: “I really enjoyed it, it has made me want to do the real job.”

In the classroom sessions there was an opportunity for further questions and the children didn’t hold back. As part of the David Ross Education Trust’s Monday’s Debates initiative, pupils are very familiar with current affairs debates, so they really put their skills to the test. Any question that starts with, ‘I looked you up last night…’ meant business.

Finally, there was some additional time for the young leaders. Kye, one of Newnham Primary School’s treasurers, commented: “I learnt a lot from when Mr Heaton-Harris was talking about being an MP.”


As part of the David Ross Education Trust, Newnham Primary School is committed to providing every pupil with a world-class education. An education that creates academically gifted, confident, well-rounded young people in the classroom, in the workplace and in their communities.

Experiences like this allow pupils to become intellectually curious and help them to develop their passions and discover their talents.

Sol Johnson, Headteacher of Newnham Primary School, said: “It is a really wonderful opportunity to welcome all visitors into our school.  All of the children had the opportunity to meet, learn from and question a Member of Parliament and they really benefitted from the time that Mr Heaton-Harris spent with us.”