Children's author Gillian Overitt pays a visit to Daventry's Newnham Primary School

Pupils and staff at Daventry’s Newnham Primary School, part of the David Ross Education Trust, were left inspired during a visit from an innovative children’s author.

Gillian Overitt, author of popular children’s book Max’s Magical Dream, delivered a number of creative writing workshops to all pupils, where they were given the opportunity to find out more about life as a professional author and write their own stories using mysterious objects as inspiration. 

The author, who’s book was published in 2012, then delivered a fascinating assembly, where she spoke to pupils about her strong perseverance, determination and focus that helped her to reach her dream of becoming a children’s author. 

During her visit, Gillian also introduced pupils to the inspiration behind her stories, including a toy dragon that features predominantly throughout her books. 

Katie Milligan, a Year 6 pupil at Newnham Primary School, said: “It was great for us to work with Mrs Overitt. She really helped us to improve our stories.”

Lizzie Gaffney, Assistant Headteacher and English Lead at Newnham Primary School, said: “This was an incredible opportunity for all of our pupils. The children always respond so well to inspirational visitors and working alongside a successful author really did make a big difference.”


As part of the David Ross Education Trust, Newnham Primary School is committed to providing every pupil with a world-class education. An education that creates academically gifted, confident, well-rounded young people in the classroom, in the workplace and in their communities.

Experiences like this allow pupils to become intellectually curious and help them to develop their passions and discover their talents.

Sol Johnson, Headteacher at Newnham Primary School, said: “It was wonderful to see how Gillian inspired our pupils to explore their creativity. It was a magical day for all, where the pupils created some fabulous tales.”