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School Council

Our School Council is a really important part of our school.

In our School Council we have a wide range of jobs including House Captains and House Deputies. We have just introduced a few new jobs including Head Boy and Head Girl, Prefects and Sports Representatives. These jobs are only on offer to year 5&6. The school council do a lot for our school.

House Captains are some of the most hard-working people. They have a busy job: keeping track of house points, keeping certificates in an orderly fashion and leading House meetings. Children are awarded house points for their achievements, positive attitudes both to work and respectful nature around the school. They get certificates when the reach particular milestones in house points and the House Captains give these out in our Celebration Assemblies.

Chair is one of the biggest rolls in school council along with Secretary. They run the meetings and sort out events, such as fund raising days. House Deputies help the Captains whenever they need it.

Our School Council

Head Girl: Willow Worthington

Head Boy: Charlie Townsend

Treasurer and Advocate: Summer Hallam & Olivia Jollands

Chestnut Captain: Harrison Gardner-Bates

Birch Captain: Ella-Rose Lee

Oak Captain: Lewis Johnston

Sycamore Captain: Josh Haynes