Newnham Primary
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About Us

Newnham Primary School values each child as an individual. We are committed to promoting the highest possible levels of achievement for all learners.

We provide a learning environment and school ethos in which children can develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. We believe in quality and care in everything we do; we work together to achieve our core aim: that all children achieve their full personal, social and academic potential.

At Newnham Primary School we:

  • provide an exciting, rich and dynamic curriculum to promote a love for learning.
  • provide a caring, happy, safe and healthy learning community in which children can develop fully.
  • promote active, inquiry based learning, problem solving and thinking skills so that children are independent learners. We believe in a ‘can do’ approach!
  • provide a personalised approach to learning which values every child as an important and unique individual.
  • encourage a values based school. We promote the right attitudes to one another,  to all members of the wider community, towards work and towards the environment. We believe children should make the right choices.
  • work in partnership with parents and community to ensure that all children fully achieve.
  • will inspire, challenge and always be enthusiastic to ensure, through high quality learning and teaching, all children reach the highest standards and achieve their full potential.